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Why choose Ben & Florentine

We are committed to creating and delivering the best gourmet experience in terms of breakfasts and lunches. From hearty breakfasts to healthy lunches, all our plates meet our high standards of quality and freshness.

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Our tools

The franchising process involves 8 easy steps to inform, equip and train our franchisees so they can run a profitable business.

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First contact

Have you read our brochure and want to know more about the franchising process? Fill out this form and our team will call you back as soon as possible.

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«In my opinion, we are one step ahead of the competition in terms of product quality.»


«The team behind us is strong. It allows us to focus on our customers, our team.»


«Whenever we need an extra hand, they are here to help and accompany us.»


«What I find extraordinary is to be able to put some sun in people's day.»


Plusieurs de nos emplacements sont fermés temporairement. Avant votre visite, SVP contacter le restaurant directement pour confirmer les heures d’ouverture.